There Is Only One Way To Describe This Person

Donald Trump.  Moron.

It’s clear that this man has a personality disorder (i.e., psychopath).  He says profoundly stupid, insensitive and hurtful things about everyone but himself.  He wants all eyes on him all the time.  He seems to have no shame about his disreputable behavior (he’s been unfaithful to his wives/partners and has gone bankrupt = no integrity) and he keeps getting more outrageous.

I have no idea why people would even entertain the notion of voting for him for president, this blowhard joke of a man.

Pity him because in the end, he can’t take it with him and he’s missed the point about life and love and leaving the world a better place than it was when he joined it.  But don’t even think about voting for him.

The thing about people with personality disorders is that they might seem like they’re normal, and many are uber charismatic and seem bigger than life, but they’re not.  They are mentally ill and they won’t get better.  If you get close to them, they will burn you.

Let’s pass.