The Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make in the College Admissions Process, Why They Matter and How to Fix Them

We parents want to help our child get into the college of their choice. We don’t realize, though, that some of our commonly accepted behaviors are actually problems that can get in the way of our child’s college admissions process. Knowledge of these ten parental behaviors is critical for maximizing your child’s successful college admissions outcome. We’ll identify the ten offending behaviors and describe how they are perceived from within the admissions office so you can be better positioned to really help your child.

Less Stress, More Success: How to Support and Guide Your Teen’s Journey

Why is the college admissions process so stressful? How can parents help their children most effectively through the college admissions process? In this look from the “inside”, we’ll discuss the reality of college admissions today and describe a better way to look at the process, a way that ensures the success of the applicant while lowering the stress level of the family. By following two guiding principles, it’s never too late to exhibit excellent parenting through one of your child’s most important passages.

How Admissions Officers Think

In this presentation ‘from the inside’, you’ll learn about job of a college admissions officer, the main principles that guide them, the factors that most often drive decisions and what admissions officers want and expect from your child. This is an unprecedented peek into the often arcane world of admissions designed to offer you have more information to better help your child.

The Generation Gap @ Work

For the first time in history, all 5 generations are together in the workplace, causing serious misunderstandings and often leading to office morale problems. In this fun presentation, we’ll discuss the characteristics of each generation and discuss ways to improve communication across generations. You will never see life the same way again!