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You can work with me in a variety of ways.  I consult with families, schools and organizations and speak on topics related to education, creativity and authenticity.

consult with:
th star white Work with Me families regarding issues related to college admissions and education in general
th star white Work with Me school systems regarding issues related to education and creativity
th star white Work with Me universities regarding the development of mission-centered college admissions processes and the training of future deans and directors

speak to:

th star white Work with Me high schools and parents
th star white Work with Me community-based organizations
th star white Work with Me corporations
th star white Work with Me non-profit and government institutions
th star white Work with Me universities


“I can’t turn my computer off tonight without sending you a sincere note of thanks for how you’ve changed our lives for the better, Marilee. Your advice has been priceless. College admissions seems so ruthless now – was it this way always? Sad that so few others seem to remember that there is a real person behind the documents. You have reassured us that ‘everything always works out’ for us and that we’ll be OK in the end. I can sleep in peace. Thank you for your wisdom.”

th star white Work with Me Gail P, Greenwich, CT

“This note is from a believer. I heard you speak last year and recognized myself in so many of your examples of poor parent behavior. My son heard you too and together we decided to follow your advice. The year is over and you were right. My wife and I are so proud of the way our son handled his applications and all of his ups and downs. You’ll be happy to know that it all worked out and he’s happy. I’m a better father because of you, Ms. Jones. How can I ever thank you!

th star white Work with Me John A, Alexandria, VA

“We honestly weren’t sure how to proceed with the college application process until a close friend recommended Marilee (thank you, Sue!) and then life changed for the better. She quickly understood our situation and my son, who is complicated, and helped us all come through this confusing period successfully. My son loves her and I can honestly say that she “gets” him in a way that most others don’t. He now has many more choices than we ever expected and for the first time in 2 years, our son is happy, which is something I didn’t think we’d see again. We recommend Marilee completely. We wish she could solve all of our problems.

th star white Work with MeA. H. – NYC

“Author, counselor, comedienne, magician, expert, friend. Marilee Jones has proven to be all of these things for me and my daughter. She arrived when we needed her most because the college admissions process was ruining our relationship. Marilee took over and voila! Our house became peaceful again. She knows how to help youngsters see who they are and then she knows how to get them moving in the right direction. My daughter ended up with many choices and is now happily enjoying her experience at the college of her choice. I’m sure she got there because of the advice she received from Marilee. We can’t thank Marilee enough. I want her as a lifelong friend!

th star white Work with MeK.J. – Atlanta, GA

“In our house Marilee Jones is referred to as ‘the miracle worker’ because of all she’s done to help our son get ready for college. We could not have done this without her. As her web site says, she brings “wisdom and clarity” to college admissions.

th star white Work with MeS. B. – OK

“I’ve gone through this process first without and then with Marilee Jones, who came highly recommended. She’s the best. She made the process almost fun. Our son changed in a wonderful way. Take my advice and hire her.

th star white Work with MeB. W. – CA

“A few months ago I was at my wit’s end when I heard about Ms. Jones. I called her and I’m sure glad I did. She gave me confidence. For the first time in two years, I felt like I was in control again. She is a wise woman who puts everything in context. She was an admissions director in the past and knows what colleges are looking for.

th star white Work with MeD. S. – MA

“I am glad to give Marilee Jones my family’s highest recommendation. She ably assisted my twin sons by helping them to focus on their core strengths and accomplishments. This empowered them to emphasize their particular strengths and to present a genuine and consistent message in their applications. She helped them make their colleges selections so that they would have great choices. The results are that each of my sons is thrilled with their many acceptances. As a family, we discovered that the admissions process is opaque and filled with uncertainty. Marilee is a voice of reason and her confidence is inspiring. She helped each of my sons to maintain a positive attitude and to prepare for his interviews. Marilee is the complete, caring professional.

th star white Work with MeE.W. – NJ

“Living in India, we know that the US college system is nearly impossible to navigate without an experienced guide and I’m happy to say that we found the perfect one in Ms. Jones! She made us all feel so comfortable and helped dispel mysteries for us. My son likes her very much and because of her advice, was admitted to several “dream schools”. Ms. Jones has a wonderful way with teenagers as well as anxious parents. She has changed our lives in the most profound of ways. We tell all of our friends about her now. She is a beautiful person.

th star white Work with MeM. R. – India